Monday, January 2, 2012

Agent Oriented Dynamic info System (MasterKube)

Technology Description
"This technology is a software program that improves the tracking system of sequential inputs for databases without the need to program additional database software subroutines."
  • The MasterKube technology is software for tracking inputs into an existing database.
  • "The technology moves database transactions to "process interactions", to which the underlying database is transparent. A software layer between the users and the underlying database is part of the architecture of the solution." 
  • The software solves the problem of having to code additional algorithms to monitor or track sequential inputs. 
  • The software designer created the program to improve tracking systems of data that are more reflective of a sequential series of inputs. 
  • "The technology is applicable where considerable software and database development effort is expended within organizations like banks or HR departments." 
  • The technology was developed to help IT departments of all sizes spend less time programming database management systems. 
  • The inventor is a software engineer who is trying to radically change the way software is currently structured from a pyramid of algorithms and subroutines into software that better reflects the structure of a business. 
  • The software was developed in India. 
  • The technology is inserted onto an existing database software program and does not work as a stand-alone product. 
  • The software is algebraic in nature (pi calculus) rather than based on algorithms. 

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